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Color War

August 2, 2019 Free
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Dates & Times

  • Aug 2, 2019
    6:00pm - 8:00pm


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About Color War

This event is for all incoming 7-9th graders! We'll meet at Lakeland Christian Academy - we'll eat inside and have our color war outside. Students are welcome to invite friends as long as they're in the grades mentioned above and they register so we can plan for food.

Students need to wear clothes that they don't mind getting very messy. White t-shirts are strongly encouraged so that the color is more visible. Excess color powder can be shaken off, but students will still be messy for the car ride home.

This event is designed for our incoming 7th graders to get introduced to MP Students, as Promotion Sunday is coming up on August 18.


The color powder is made from a blend of food grade cornstarch, FD&C and D&C dyes (food, drug and cosmetic dyes) and baking soda.

Our color powder is gluten free and does not contain dairy, nuts, wheat, soy or other common allergens. Although it is made from all food safe ingredients, it is not created in a food safe facility and is not intended for human consumption.

Although all the materials are food grade we do not recommend inhaling large quantities of color powder.It should always be used in well ventilated outdoor space and when throwing at participants you should aim for the chest area.

Anyone who has asthma, is allergic to any of the ingredients or has any respiratory issues should exercise caution when participating in color powder events.

Will it stain clothing? Our color powder washes out of most clothing. However, it can stain some materials. 100% cotton clothing is recommended and typical machine washing with stain remover, removes the stains. We recommend removing excess powder from clothing before washing and/or applying water.

Will it stain skin or hair? Just as with clothing we recommend shaking off all excess powder before exposing to water. Normal soap and water should remove color powder from skin and hair. Some color does tend to linger for a few days especially on blonde hair. If you are worried about staining, we recommend applying a moisturizer to skin and coating your hair with a small amount of coconut or olive oil before the event.